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Pineapple Research Station: Vision 2030   PDF

Proposal for development of Pineapple Research Station, Vazhakulam    PDF

Pineapple Research Station, Vazhakulam – 2012    PDF

Organic production of banana     PDF




Pineapple Technology     PDF

Protocol for pineapple “Kerala Mauritius” variety for export to shorter duration (15-18 days)    PDF

Ad-hoc recommendation for organic production of the pineapple variety 'Mauritius'    PDF

Pineapple sector in Kerala: Status, opportunities, challenges and stakeholders    PDF

Economics of pineapple cultivation in Kerala    PDF

Benefits and uses of pineapple    PDF

Production technology for Vazhakulam pineapple (Mauritius)    PDF

Production technology for pineapple variety 'Kew'    PDF

Diseases of pineapple (Ananas comosus): Pathogen, symptoms, infection, spread & management   PDF

Fruits, benefits, processing, preservation and pineapple recipes      PDF

Pests of Pineapple and their Management     PDF

Pineapple recipes


Passion fruit


Passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) Passifloraceae    PDF

Passion Fruit Production Technology     PDF

Status and prospects of Passion Fruit Cultivation in Kerala    PDF

Diseases of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis): Pathogen, Symptoms, Infection, Spread & Management   PDF

Insect pests of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis): Hosts, damage, natural enemies and control       PDF

Passion fruit recipes





Pineapple Research Station (English)

Pineapple Research Station (Malayalam)

Pineapple (English)

Pineapple (Malayalam)

Passion fruit (Malayalam)

Pineapple recipes (Malayalam)

Passion fruit recipes (Malayalam)


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Student Projects

Asha. 2013. Passion Fruit Benefits, Processing, Preservation and Product Development

Seljo Thomas. 2014. Quality comparison of two pineapple fruit varieties and their products


Malayalam ...

Other relevant good publications in the public domain


Pineapple characteristics

Pineapple in India

Indian Horticulture Database 2009: Pineapple

The sweet behind the thorns

The EU market for pineapple

Australian Pineapple Industry Strategic Plan

Pineapples Marketing Standards

Pineapple tests guidelines of Philippines

Bromelain- An overview

Analysis of Patterns of Pineapple Mealybug Wilt Disease in Sri Lanka

Diversity and Mealybug Transmissibility of Ampeloviruses in Pineapple

RT-PCR detection and protein-protein interaction of viral components of pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus

Effect of 6-Benzylaminopurine and -Naphthalene Acetic Acid on In vitro Production of MD2 Pineapple

Glutamine enhances competence for organogenesis in pineapple leaves cultivated in vitro

Callus induction and high-frequency plant regeneration of pineapple

Different carbon source concentrations and gelling agent on in vitro proliferation of pineapple

Employment of in vitro technology for large scale multiplication of pineapples

Ex vitro growth enhancement of micro-propagated pineapple's propagules

Herbicide-tolerant Transgenic Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Produced by Microprojectile Bombardment

Nucleotide sequence, genome organization and phylogenetic analysis of PMWAV

Pineapples - Working Paper Series by IFMR

Price Transmission in the Pineapple Market-Role for Organic Fruit

Value Chain Analysis and Market Studies of Fruits and Vegetables


Passion Fruit

Passion Flowers and Passion Fruit

Morphology and pharmacology of Passiflora edulis- a review

Preservation of Passion Fruit Juice

Status & prospects of passion fruit industry in northeast India

Export quality passion fruit production by small-scale farmers in Kenya

Report on passion fruit demand study- Indonesia

Study of the market for Rwandan passion fruit in Europe



KAU Package of Practices Recommendations: Crops

KAU Adhoc Package of Practices Recommendations for Organic Farming

Alternate Pesticide Recommendations

Warp and weft of quality research

Indian Horticulture Database 2009

Indian Horticulture Database 2013

Kerala Farm Guide 2014

Contract farming for organic crop production in India

Organic Farming System - An Integrated Approach


More ...


Book on Pineapple

We propose to bring out a book on Pineapple both in English and Malayalam. Those who are willing to cooperate with this publication and contribute any chapter/information may please contact over cell phone number +919446010905 or mail to .


Esteemed readers may please suggest other relevant good publications and mail the pdf/htm/doc file or URL to for placing here as free reference material in the public domain. 

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