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 Kerala Agricultural University (KAU)

 Kerala Pineapple Mission (KPM)

 Nadukkara Agro Processing Co. Ltd. (NAPCL)

 Pineapple Farmers' Association (PFA)

 Wikipedia: Pineapple, Passion Fruit

 Pineapple India

 Pineapple sucker Suppliers, Growers, Traders, Processors, Facilitators, etc

 Passion Fruit Planting material Suppliers, Growers, Traders, Processors, Facilitators, etc

 Pineapple Recipes 1, 2, 3

 World's Healthiest Foods

 Agrochemical Cos 1, 2, 3

Government of Kerala
Department of Agriculture, Government of Kerala

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India

State Horticulture Mission (SHM)
Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd. (KAMCO)

Vegetables and Fruits Promotion Council, Kerala (VFPCK)
Regional Agro Industrial Development Co-operative of Kerala Ltd (Raidco)

Coconut Development Board

Rubber Board

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (APEDA)

National Horticulture Mission (NHM)

Agribusiness Information Center (FICCI, India) 


Agriculture Portals 

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Pineapple | Bromelain | Fibre | Passionfruit | Tissue Culture | Farming | Fruit Processing | Crop Protection | Agrochemicals